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We want your superyacht transaction to be joyful for you, whether you are buying or selling. This is at the forefront of our approach as we work to safeguard your legal rights and financial investment.

To ensure that the yacht can cruise how and where the owner intends, we negotiate and review the technical and legal documentation, offer advice on, and implement ownership structures, and are always available to offer innovative solutions to any unexpected developments that may arise throughout the process.

If possible, we always choose to be present for the yacht handover of our clients, and we believe that this attention to detail really sets us apart from our rivals. We provide a customised, full-service solution, which entails that we can handle all ancillary issues such as, management contracts, confidentiality agreements and seafarer employment agreements.

Based in the heart of Mayfair with a global reach, we provide comprehensive advice to affluent clients from around the world including, banks, brokers, builders, charterers, designers, insurers, lenders, marinas, P&I clubs, yacht managers, agents and yacht owners.

Please explore our areas of law for more information on our services.

Yachts & Superyachts Clients We're Able To Advise

Clear, Practical Advice

We determine our client’s objectives during the initial meeting, and always work towards our client’s timetable. We enjoy working with our clients and strive to build a lasting relationship, by providing clear, practical advice, across a range of matters such as superyacht construction, dispute resolution, finance, and sale and purchase.

If you would like to hear more about our yachting law services, please consider getting in touch with us and one of our expert solicitors will be happy to assist you.


Areas Of Law

Yacht Dispute Resolution

Yacht dispute resolution law involves the legal framework that governs disputes related to the ownership, construction, sale, purchase, charter and operation of yachts.

These disputes can arise in a variety of contexts, such as breach of contract, personal injury, insurance claims, and maritime law violations. Yacht dispute resolution can be complex, and often involves international legal issues, as yachts may be registered in one country, owned by individuals or entities in another country, and operated in yet another country. Yacht dispute resolution can involve a range of legal forums, including mediation, arbitration and litigation.

  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Litigation

Yacht Insurance law refers to the legal framework that governs insurance policies for yachts. Yacht insurance policies typically cover a range of risks, such as damage to the yacht, liability for accidents, and loss or theft of personal property.

Yacht insurance policies can be complex and often involve negotiating coverage limits and exclusions, as well as complying with legal requirements for maritime insurance.

  • Advice on insurance brokers
  • Advice on coverage issues
  • Insurance liability
  • Insurance claims for yacht owners and insurers
  • Insurance for leisure or commercial usage
  • Negotiating insurance terms

Yacht finance law involves the legal framework surrounding the financing of yachts. This can involve securing loans or other financing for the purchase of a yacht, as well as compliance with legal requirements for maritime finance, such as registration of the yacht and compliance with international maritime laws.

  • Advice on insurance brokers
  • Corporate ownership structure
  • Financing
  • Leasing
  • Negotiating lender’s terms

Yacht Commercial & Operational Advice law involves the legal framework surrounding the commercial operation of yachts, including chartering, sale and purchase, and other commercial transactions. This can involve compliance with legal requirements for maritime commerce, such as registration and licensing of the yacht, as well as compliance with international maritime laws.

In addition to legal considerations, commercial operation of a yacht involves a range of operational considerations, such as crewing, maintenance, and management of the yacht. Legal advisors with experience in yacht commercial and operational advice, can provide guidance on the legal and operational issues involved in commercial operation of a yacht, and can help to ensure compliance with legal requirements and mitigate financial and legal risks.

  • Berthing licences
  • Charter Contracts
  • Commercial agreements
  • Management contracts for operating your yacht
  • Mooring agreements
  • Project management agreements
  • Safety and operational considerations
  • UK and offshore ownership structuring
  • Yacht registration, including offshore flagging
Yacht Regulations

Yacht regulation law involves the legal framework surrounding the regulation and oversight of yachts, including compliance with international and national maritime laws and regulations.

This can include registration and classification of yachts, safety requirements, environmental regulations, and crew licensing and certification. Yacht regulation law is a complex area of law that can involve compliance with multiple legal frameworks, including international maritime law, national laws, and industry standards.

  • Maritime Labour Convention 2006
  • Maritime and Costguard Agency (MCA) Codes of Practice
  • Navigation Authorities compliance
  • Regulations support: rules applicable to yachts engaged in trade
  • Rules for private yachts (EU or non-EU owned and flagged) cruising in EU waters
  • The large yacht code (LY3)
  • VAT and customs support for UK and EU yacht ownership
  • Yacht legislation

Yacht sale and purchase law involves the legal framework surrounding the sale and purchase of yachts.

This can include negotiating and drafting contracts for the sale of a yacht, conducting due diligence on the condition and ownership of the yacht, and compliance with legal requirements for transfer of ownership, such as registration and taxation.

  • Advice on step by step process for the sale and purchase of new or second hand yacht
  • Conversion and repair agreements
  • Negotiating and drafting of sale and purchase contracts
  • Negotiating and drafting new build construction agreements and refits contracts
  • Working with technical advisors for frame design and build requirements


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