Pre purchase and condition survey of a vessel

Pre-Purchase and Condition

When purchasing or selling a vessel, a condition survey can be a crucial negotiating weapon.

Pre-Purchase and Condition

A condition or pre-purchase survey yields a thorough report on the overall state of the vessel, highlighting not only its vital systems but also its finer aesthetic accents and fittings. Although a vessel may appear to be in good condition, it is the surveyor’s responsibility to conduct a thorough investigation and notify the customer of any faults that are currently present or that are likely to develop in the future.

We provide a thorough condition survey service as usual through a third-party surveyor, but we can also create specialised condition surveys to meet specific needs. When the regions below the hull are dry and restored, it is always advised that the vessel be surveyed out of the water.

Our survey will at a minimum involve checking the overall structure, equipment, electrical installations, water systems, household installations, and emergency items.

On request, we may also perform sea trial witnessing, which allows us to evaluate the performance of the equipment while it is in use and the overall handling of the ship while it is moving at different speeds and performing different manoeuvres.

What is examined:


The condition of the keel, the hull below the waterline, the topsides above the waterline, the deck moulding, the coachroof, the cockpit, the hull/deck connection, the bulkheads and stiffeners, the cathodic protection, and the paint and/or gel coat.


Deck fittings, a pulpit, a pushpit, stanchions, toe-rails, windows, walkways, teak, and mooring attachments

Domestic systems and lodging:

Documentation, general layout, domestic installations, water systems, gas installations, navigation and

Gears, Skin Fittings, and Steering:

Rudder, shafts, sail drives, outboard motors, skin fittings, and seacocks.


Firefighting gear, life-saving devices, bilge systems, navigation lights, and emergency systems

Machinery & Engines

Engines, fuel systems, ventilation, electrical installations, engine controls, and service histories


Ground tackle, spars, standing and running rigging, sails, winch systems, and coverings

Within 24 hours of the survey, we try to provide verbal and/or written preliminary report details, and we try to release the final report within 72 hours

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