How have services provided by Frei Solicitors changed over the past 5 years

Let’s delve into how the services provided by Frei Solicitors have evolved over the past five years. As an international boutique luxury asset law firm, Frei Solicitors has adapted to meet the changing needs of its clients and the legal landscape:

1. Diversification of Practice Areas:

  • Superyachts: Frei Solicitors has continued to excel in superyacht law, providing comprehensive legal services to yacht owners, builders, and operators.
  • Aviation: Their expertise extends to aviation law, catering to clients in the aviation industry.
  • Fine Art: Frei Solicitors has expanded its services to include fine art legal matters.
  • International Trade & Commodities: Handling complex international trade cases.
  • Private Client: Providing tailored legal solutions for ultra-high-net-worth and high-net worth individuals.
  • Corporate and Commercial: Advising businesses on legal matters.
  • Dispute Resolution: Effective resolution of legal disputes.

2. Global Reach and Collaborations:

    • Frei Solicitors continues to work with law firms in other jurisdictions, leveraging strong personal relationships to achieve clients’ objectives globally.
    • Their international approach ensures seamless legal support for clients with cross-border interests.

3. Client-Centric Philosophy:

    • Practical Legal Advice: Frei Solicitors remains committed to providing practical legal advice while considering clients’ commercial and business needs.
    • Trust and Transparency: Their focus on trust, confidentiality, integrity, honesty, and transparency remains unwavering.

4. Experienced Leadership:

    • Hakan Doğancı: As the CEO, Hakan Doğancı’s entrepreneurial experience of over 30 years continues to drive the firm’s success.
    • Bespoke and Professional Service: Frei Solicitors’ knowledgeable team ensures a personalised and professional service.

5. Client Testimonials:

    • Clients continue to commend Frei Solicitors for their expertise and commitment.
    • Their ability to navigate legal complexities, deliver results, and alleviate client anxiety remains consistent.

In summary, Frei Solicitors has evolved by diversifying its practice areas, maintaining a global outlook, and prioritising client satisfaction. Their unwavering commitment to excellence positions them as a trusted partner for clients worldwide.

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