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Based in the heart of Mayfair with a global reach, we provide comprehensive advice to affluent clients from around the world including airlines (passenger and cargo), airport companies, airport operators, airport suppliers, banks, business jet owners, civil aviation authorities, corporate owners, financial institutions, franchisees and contractors, funders, governments and regulators, insurance companies, investors, light aircraft owners, maintenance and repair organisations, manufacturers of aircraft, private and commercial aircraft operators, private individuals, service providers, tour operators, travel companies and private individuals.

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We determine our client’s objectives during the initial meeting, and always work towards our client’s timetable. We enjoy working with our clients and strive to build a lasting relationship, by providing clear, practical advice, across a range of matters such as aircraft finance and leasing, commercial aviation, aviation dispute resolution and regulatory advice.

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Areas Of Law

The aviation industry’s aircraft leasing and financing sectors are subject to extensive regulations, encompassing a convoluted network of global, national and local laws, as well as rules that oversee aircraft ownership, operation, and maintenance.

Navigating the legal and regulatory landscape of aircraft leasing and financing requires industry expertise, and meticulous attention to all relevant factors to achieve compliance and mitigate risk.

  • Aircraft financing advice
  • Aircraft repossession
  • Operating leases
  • Leasing
  • Sale and purchase of aircraft

Aviation Dispute Resolution law is a niche area of law that focuses on resolving disputes that arise in the aviation industry. This can include disputes related to aircraft ownership and leasing, airport operations, aviation accidents, and other aviation-related matters.

The field incorporates a range of legal tools and strategies, including litigation, arbitration and mediation. This requires a thorough understanding of the legal and regulatory landscape of the aviation industry.

  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Litigation

Aviation Insurance law refers to the legal and regulatory framework governing insurance coverage for the aviation industry. This can include coverage for aircraft owners and operators, manufacturers, airports, and other entities involved in aviation operations.

Aviation insurance policies are highly specialised and can vary depending on the type of operation being insured, the level of risk involved and other factors. The field of aviation insurance law requires a deep understanding of the unique risks and challenges associated with aviation operations, as well as the legal and regulatory landscape governing insurance in the industry.


  • Carriage of passengers and cargo insurance
  • Defending and advising insurer and insured from in-bound claims such as, property damage, property losses, injury, death, etc
  • Drafting terms of cover and exclusions
  • Insurance advice, coverage and policy issues
  • Subrogation claims
  • Supply of products and services agreements
Business and Private Aviation Law

Business and private aviation law focuses on legal and regulatory issues related to the use and operation of business and private aircraft. This can include matters related to aircraft ownership, operation, maintenance, as well as issues related to airport and airspace access, regulatory compliance, and liability.

The field of business and private aviation law is diverse and encompasses a range of legal issues and regulations that can vary depending on the jurisdiction, the type of aircraft involved, and the nature of the operation.

  • Business jets and Very Light Jets (VLJs)
  • General aviation claims
  • Insurance and liability matters
  • Operation and management agreements
  • Sale, purchase and finance transactions
  • Leasing of aeroplane
  • Registration of aeroplane

Commercial aviation law focuses on the legal and regulatory framework governing the commercial operation of aircraft. This can include issues related to safety regulations, liability, air traffic control, environmental regulations and competition law.

The commercial aviation industry is highly regulated, and commercial airline operators must comply with a wide range of international, national, and local regulations to ensure the safety of passengers and crew, protect the environment and ensure fair competition.

The field of commercial aviation law is complex and constantly evolving, requiring an up to date understanding of the legal and regulatory landscape governing the commercial aviation industry.

  • Airport letting and leasing
  • Airport planning permission advice
  • Commercial contracts with airlines and suppliers, ground handling contracts, maintenance and repairs contracts, conditions of carriage and charter contracts, fuel supply agreements, etc.
  • Company law and corporate governance
  • Corporate investment structures and joint ventures
  • Drafting and negotiating new aircraft purchase agreements and contracts
  • Engine and spare parts procurement
  • Fleeting programmes, including new aircraft purchases
  • Procurement, acquisitions and disposals
  • Registration of airplanes
Regulatory Aviation Advice

Aviation regulatory advice focuses on providing guidance and support to individuals and organisations  involved in the aviation industry.

The goal of aviation regulatory advice is to help organisations navigate the complex regulatory landscape of the aviation industry, while ensuring compliance and minimising risk.

This can include airlines, airports, aircraft manufacturers, and other stakeholders who are subject to a wide range of national and international regulations governing the aviation industry.

  • Advice on international air transport 
  • Agreements with airports
  • Air operator certificates and licensing
  • Air Service Agreements
  • Airport slot regulation and agreement
  • Competition law
  • Consumer protection
  • EU Regulations relating to aviation and travel
  • International aviation conventions
  • International air transport regulation
  • Operating licences
  • Package tour and Holiday
  • Operators regulation
  • Regulatory requirements for new airlines start-ups
  • Traffic rights


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